Lung Cancer - Clinical Cases of Yumizen H2500 Hematology Analyzers "Chase the Case" #18

The 18th Chase the Case presents a case of a male patient aged 49, diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer is a possible cause of lymphocytosis and monocytosis due to the release of cytokines by tumor cells, which can activate the body's inflammatory response. Yumizen H2500 hematology analyzer helps to give confident results with additional parameters such as IMG, IMM, IML, LIC, and ALY.

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What is Chase the Case?

Each month, HORIBA Medical shares a selected hematology clinical case with you on the PDF/Web page named Chase the Case. Every clinical case introduced there is from a laboratory around the world. It will help in a variety of ways:

  • Understanding the matrix pattern of Yumizen H2500 hematology analyzers for various pathological cases.
  • As a learning opportunity for biology students.
  • HORIBA Medical users can contribute to the “Chase the Case” by submitting clinical cases they obtained.