Details of Operations

  1. Manufacture and sale of measuring instruments and their applied devices and parts
  2. Contracting to provide maintenance services for measuring instruments, medical equipment and related applied devices
  3. Installation of measuring instruments and related electrical work
  4. Other operations involved in the above

Corporate History

March 1975

COS Co., Ltd. established with a capital of ¥10 million

January 1985

Service Division starts operation

January 1987

Paid-in capital reaches ¥30 million

March 1991

Tokyo Sales Office opens

June 1997

Head Office and plant move to 18 Maegawara-cho, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi

September 1997

Nagoya Sales Office opens

October 1998

Electrical and mechanical equipment installation operations (construction operations) certified

December 1999

Certified under ISO 9001 (JQA-QM4027)

March 2000

Paid-in capital reaches ¥250 million

July 2000

Starts collaboration with Horiba, Ltd. in water quality-related business

July 2000

Service Division spins off into a separate affiliated company (HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE Co., Ltd.)

October 2001

New Head Office built. Production space is consequently expanded

July 2004

Changes name to HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co.,Ltd.

February 2005

Certified under ISO 14001(JQA-EM4530)

January 2009

Certified under OHSAS 18001(JQA-OH0134)

September 2010

Osaka Sales Office opens

September 2011

Shikoku Sales Office opens

August 2012

Kyushu Sales Office opens

April 2015

Tohoku Sales Office opens

September 2016

Plant moves to 18 Maegawara-cho, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi

January 2017

Water quality and liquid analysis instruments and systems business was transferred to HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co., Ltd. from HORIBA, Ltd.

April 2017

Hiroshima Sales Office opens