Gel-Filled pH/ORP Electrodes

Easy replacement. No need to refill internal solution!

New internal solution (non-water-soluble polymer gel) that is resistant to heat, pressure, acid alkali, etc. is adopted,2 years of Internal liquid life span.※1

Compatible with samples with low electrical conductivity!

Minimum of 10 μS/cm of sample can be measured.※2

Lineup of two types that can be selected according to the application!※3

Cable Type : Throw can also be used by installing a protective tube as standard equipment.
Connector Type: Piping can be directly inserted.※4
This product is a successor to the old electrode (model: #8200/#8300/#2500).

※1 Depend on the sample conditions
※2 Maximum measured value of 0.3 pH (ORP of 20 mV) when measuring samples with low electrical conductivity at high pressure and fast flow conditions
  It may fluctuate to some extent.
※3 No need for relay boxes (max. 20 m) for connector types, independent of cable length
※4 Connector type recommended

Installation example

Easy installation•Low cost to install

For the measurement of wastewater containing suspensions, it is possible to improve maintainability by combining cleaners. ※Cleaner is optional

For measurements in factory processes,pipe insertion can be used to reduce installation costs.

When using the old electrode 8200/8300/2500, etc., it can be switched by combining it with the dedicated