HORIBA UK to introduce new fully automated haemostasis analysers at IBMS Congress 2023

HORIBA invites IBMS delegates to join its 70th anniversary celebrations on Stand 715

HORIBA UK will celebrate its 70th anniversary on Stand 715 at IBMS 2023 where delegates are invited to join the celebrations and experience some ‘Joy & Fun’ with HORIBA’s Medical team. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see HORIBA’s new products and explore its full range of haematology, haemostasis and clinical chemistry solutions. Additionally, they can discuss with the team any special requirements, from point-of-care testing through to hub-and-spoke laboratories, to establish the best options for current and future needs.

HORIBA is expanding its coagulation range with the UK launch of its new fully automated haemostasis analysers - the high-capacity Yumizen G1500h/G1550h and benchtop Yumizen G800h/G850h. Both can improve accuracy by readily identifying potentially problematic samples through detection and analysis of HIL interferences (haemolysis, icterus, and lipemia) per coagulation test, and automatically checking the primary tube for high and low fill levels.

Other product highlights will include new clinical chemistry reagents now available from HORIBA UK, such as the unique POINTE Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) assay used for the quantitative determination of G6PD enzyme activity in blood. This important cell function assay is CE marked and can be automated on HORIBA’s Pentra C400 clinical chemistry analyser, as well as those of other manufacturers.

Also to be seen at IBMS Congress for the first time will be HORIBA’s recently introduced Cube S tube sorter. This robotic workstation can manage pre and post analytical sorting, storing and tracking of sample tubes within laboratories, enabling them to improve productivity and efficiency in their workflows.

Alongside HORIBA’s other haematology analysers, IBMS delegates will have the chance to discuss its award-winning Yumizen H500 benchtop haematology analyser which recently won the Best New Clinical Instrumentation Award at the Scientists’ Choice Awards®. The Yumizen H500 is compact with enhanced performance, new features, and increased benefits which all contributed to its winning votes from clinical scientists and clinicians worldwide. The instrument is designed for small laboratories and is ideal for use in a variety of clinical laboratory environments and point-of-care (POC) settings, or for anyone looking to upgrade from a 3-part to a 5-part differential technology solution.

HORIBA’s new Yumizen G1550h automated haemostasis analyser will be launched in the UK at IBMS 2023.