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The HORIBA Veterinary Division sits within the company’s Medical segment bringing high-quality laboratory testing to you. Our range of analyzers are developed and maintained by our own teams of engineers and technicians, ensuring that you will always be fully supported. We have a wealth of experience in placement and care, from handheld technology, single instrument sites and through to large, multi-analzyer commercial laboratories.

Our Ambition - Maintaining our customers’ trust, by remaining a leading supplier and by meeting increasingly stringent quality standards, in both technological and environmental terms. 


CPD veterinary webinar on efficient diagnosis of inflammatory diseases

Kit Sturgess, RCVS recognised specialist, to discuss how in-house diagnostics can support rapid clinical decisions in HORIBA sponsored webinar

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HORIBA Veterinary adds new rapid PCR test for difficult to diagnose parasite

POCKIT Central in-house PCR E. cuniculi assay enables fast, accurate testing of domestic rabbits

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Veterinary CPD Webinar on Raw Feeding, Parasite Testing and Control Hosted by HORIBA

Animal parasites expert to share key knowledge on testing best practice to minimise risk from feeding raw diets.

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