HORIBA Clinical Chemistry

Clinical chemistry

Clinical chemistry analyzers

The Clinical Chemistry division of HORIBA Medical is providing compact and high autonomy instruments, to analyse molecules and electrolytes into plasma, serum, urine, body fluids and whole blood. These solutions allow to assess general health condition, to help the disease detection and monitoring therapies.

Yumizen C1200 AL
more Yumizen C1200 AL

Clinical Chemisty Analyzer

Pentra C400
more Pentra C400

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Pentra C200
more Pentra C200

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Yumizen CA60
more Yumizen CA60

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Yumizen E100
more Yumizen E100

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Yumizen M100 Banalyst
more Yumizen M100 Banalyst

Centrifugal Blood Analyzer


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