Yumizen C560

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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Instrument & Reagent Synergy: The Workhorse!

The Yumizen C560 clinical chemistry analyzer paired with high-quality POINTE reagents provides you with quick and reliable test results.

A standalone floor model analyzer, offering many high-end features typically found only in large integrated systems, the perfect workhorse for mid-size laboratories, from your trusted partner in clinical diagnostics, HORIBA Medical.

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Segment: Medical
Base product: Yumizen C Range
  • High-quality barcode-packaged reagents
  • Advanced, intuitive software
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ease of access hardware design

System Function

Fully automated, discrete, random access, with STAT sample priority capability
Throughput: 400 photometric tests/hour, up to 240 tests/hour for ISE
Measuring principles: Absorbance Photometry, Turbidimetry
Methodology: End-point, Fixed-time, Kinetic, ISE (Optional)
Single/Dual/Triple/Quadruple reagent chemistries, Monochromatic/Bichromatic
Programming: User defined profiles and calculation

Reaction System

Reaction rotor: Rotating tray, 90 cuvettes with automatic washin
Cuvette: Optical length 5mm
Reaction volume: 120-360μl
Operating temperature: 37°C
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1°C
Mixing system: 2 independent mixers

Sample Handling

Sample tray: 90 positions for primary or secondary tubes and sample cups
Sample volume: 1.5-45 μl, step by 0.1μl
Sample probe: liquid level detection, clot detection and collision p- rotection
Probe cleaning: Interior and exterior automatic probe washing carry-over < 0.05%
Automatic sample dilution: Pre-dilution and post dilution
Dilution with ratio up to 1: 150
Dilution vessel: Permanent Cuvette

Optical System

Light Source: Halogen-tungsten lam
Photometer: Reversed optics, grating photometry
Wavelength: 340nm, 380nm, 412nm, 450nm, 505nm, 546nm, 570nm, 605nm, 660nm, 700nm, 740nm, 800nm
Absorbance range: 0-3.3Abs (10mm conversion)
Resolution: 0.0001Abs

Internal Bar Code Reader

Sample/ Reagent barcode reading including Codabar, ITF (Interleaved Two of Five), code128, code39, UPC/EAN, Code93; Bi-directional LIS Interface transmission

Control and Calibration

Calibration mode: Linear (one-point, two-point and multi-point), Logit-Log 4P, Logit-Log 5P, Spline, exponential, Polynomial, Parabola
Control rules: Westgard multi-rule, Levy-Jennings, Cumulative sum check, twin plot

ISE Module (optional)

Optional selection of K+, Na+, Cl-
Throughput: Up to 240 tests per hour

Operation Unit

Interface: RS-232, Network Port, USB/ parallel port

Reagent Handling

Reagent tray: 80 positions in refrigerated compartment
Reagent volume: (2-10°C) R1: 45- 350 ul, R2-R4 :10 - 350ul
Reagent probe: Liquid level detection, collision protection and inventory check
Probe cleaning: interior and exterior automatic probe washin

Working Conditions

Power Supply: 200-240V, 50/60Hz, 1500V or 110-130V, 60Hz, 1500V
Temperature: 15-30°C
Humidity: 35-85%
Water consumption: cS20 L/hour, Deionized water
Dimension: 46in x 28in x 45in (W x D x H)
Weight: 661lb

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