Automatic Span Gas Generator Unit for Quality control at field test

The portable one component multipoint calibration system ASGU-370TS is designed for checking of gas analyzers. The main application is for the ongoing quality control in field.
The portable calibration unit ASGU-370TS will be used for the dynamic and continual manufacture of zero and span gas to perform all ongoing quality control procedures according valid EN Norms. To produce span gas the unit uses technologies like dilution, permeation, Gas Phase Titration.

In the case of the ASGU-370TS SPLIT version, the technology is divided into 2 cases (stackable for transport) in order to achieve a back-friendly wearing comfort: upright posture when carrying, Symmetrical body strain, Load closer to the body.

Division: Ambient
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA (Austria) GmbH
Base product: ASGU-370 series
  • Portable one component multipoint calibration system acc. EN 14211 or EN 14212 or EN 14626
  • High accuracy of span gas in cause of usage of factory calibrated digital thermal mass flow controllers in high quality
  • Comfortable operation via big, illuminated Touch-Screen-Display
  • Operation via RS232 and Ethernet interface (Bayern Hessen protocol)
  • Delivery scope includes remote software for easy external handling (Ethernet)
  • High flexibility by free definable span points (up to 20)
  • High flexibility by free definable cycles (e.g., Lack of fit)
  • High flexibility by free definable sequences (stringing cycles together)
  • Programmable timer allows time shifted start of calibration process
  • Internal data logger (option) stores raw values from calibration procedure (set value and actual value, status) for reporting with evaluation software (included in scope of delivery)


Dilution (incl. built in cylinder), Permeation, Gas Phase Titration, (Mixed gas dilution) 


Quality control in Laboratory
Quality control in field                                                                                

Stage of extension

Only one channel (module) per unit

Flow regulation

Digital Mass Flow Controllers

Span gas repeatability

+/- 1%

Span gas linearity

+/- 2% (minimum flow > 20% full scale)

Permeation System (NO2, SO2, NH3, H2S, BTX)

PID temperature controller with Pt 100 sensor
Temperature: 50 °C
Accuracy ± 0,1 °C
Indication of actual temperature on display

Zero Air Supply

Internal Zero gas preparation


Manual (Touch Screen Display)
External via RS232 (Bayern Hessen protocol)
External vie Ethernet (Remote Software or Bayern Hessen protocol)

Battery pack

For uninterruptible power supply for approx. 30 min. purge mode without mains voltage


230 V / 50Hz
Power consumption depends on channel

Case 1
(Span Gas Generator)

Span Gas Source (Span Gas Cylinder or Permeation Tube)
Span Gas Generation (Bronkhorst TMDs)
Controlling Software
Datalogger (Option)
UPS – Battery Modul (Option)
Dimension: 600mm(W) x 400mm(H) x 155mm(D)
Weight depends on stage of extension: 12 - 16kg

Case 2
(Zero Gas Generator)

Cartridges Silikagel for drying
Cartridges Activated Carbon, Soda lime, Molecular Sieve for Zero Gas Cleaning
Dimension: 600mm(W) x 400mm(H) x 115mm(D)
Weight: 8kg

Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring
During the period of rapid economic growth, Japan was burdened with various types of pollution such as water contamination and air pollution. The first step to regain the glow of the sky and the purity of water was analysis. HORIBA's measuring instruments play an active part in various fields to determine, for example, whether established regulations are complied with or whether the air and water are purified properly. The beautiful environment is the world's asset. Going forward, HORIBA will continue contributing to preserving the global environment through measurement.

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