Enhancing Transport Safety of Magnet Cranes Using Thermometer

In steel mills, iron slabs after manufactured are transported by magnet cranes (lifting magnet). If the temperature of the iron slab is too high, the magnetic force of the crane gets weakened, so the temperature of the iron slab must be reduced to an appropriate temperature. 

Therefore, it is necessary to go near to the crane to measure the surface temperature of the iron slab before transportation, but this is a time consuming and labor intensive process.

HORIBA provides safer and effective solution to magnet crane transportation with high sensitive infrared thermometers, IT-545 and IT-480.

Do you have such a problem with temperature control of magnetic cranes?

  • Need to maintain a safe distance from the measurement object for safety
  • Time consuming due to manual checks
  • Repeatedly checking the exact measurement point from a far distance is difficult
  • Temperature checks has to be done by visiting harsh environment.

HORIBA's Solution

“ Thermometer for Magnet Cranes” is the solution!
  • Can be measured from a far distance ( approx. 10 m)
  • Highly accurate and stable real time measurement
  • Continuous operation even in harsh environment


                                    Example of Installation


The thermometer for magnet cranes is a system consisting of (1) a thermometer IT 480F, ( 2 ) a measuring unit, and ( 3 ) a display unit.

(1) Thermometer IT-480F
  • Measure up to 10 meters away.
  • Minimizing the influence of ambient temperature to achieve highly accurate and stable real time measurement. (Patent No. 565809) 




(2) Measurement Unit
  • Easy setup for measurement and positioning of the measurement target with a sighting laser.
  • Purges the inside of the unit with instrumentation air continuous operation for a long time even in harsh environment.


(3) Display Unit
  • Simple display unit.
  • Displays the measured temperature value.
  • A buzzer sounds when the temperature setting is exceeded.
  • Sighting laser for setting measurement points, on/off available.


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To prevent this from happening, the surface temperature of the coil must be measured. 

HORIBA offers the IT-480 series for automatic measurement and the IT-545 series for manual measurement.

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