Monitoring of Impurity in Hydrogen Gas for FCV

Demand for hydrogen, which has been attracting attention as a clean energy source, is expected to increase for energy applications in the areas of fuel cells and hydrogen gas turbines in addition to conventional industrial applications. ISO 14687-2 defines hydrogen quality standards for fuel cell vehicles, and failing to comply with these standards leads to poisoning of the catalyst and fuel cells.


  • Impurities of ultra-low concentration cannot be measured.
  • Want to perform continuous monitoring instead of batch measurement.
  • Want to prioritize purity monitoring of carbon monoxide (CO) to monitor the quality of hydrogen gas itself and to identify the PSA performance.

   *PSA: Pressure Swing Adsorption

HORIBA's Trace Gas Analyzer Realizes High-Sensitive and Continuous Monitoring of Impurities in Hydrogen Gas


HORIBA's GA-370 trace gas analyzer can continuously measure impurities in hydrogen gases with high sensitivity. It can stably measure substances that are major causes of poisoning, including CO at a minimum detection sensitivity of 10 ppb and with a low range of 0 to 1 ppm.
The GA-370 can also measure up to two components, such as CO and CH4, at the same time with a single unit. This will help to know the performance of PSA and timing to exhange the catalyst inside.


  • Improved stability by employing HORIBA's unique measurement technique (cross-flow modulation dual-beam non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique)
  • The infrared system realizes a minimum detection sensitivity of 10 ppb.
  • Low range measurement (0-1, 2, 5, or 10 ppm) is possible.
  • It enables to measure up to two components in CO, CH4 and CO2.

Case Studies

  • Hydrogen Quality Control at Hydrogen Production Plant

Trace Gas Analyzer GA-370 controls the quality of high-purity hydrogen gas, by monitoring the concentration of CO, CO2 and CH4 among the impurities generated in the hydrogen.  

  • Process Monitoring of PSA during Hydrogen Purification 

In PSA during the manufacturing process, GA-370 monitors the concentration of impurities in real time.  It contributes to hydrogen quality control and reduction of manufacturing cost.  

  • Hydrogen Quality Control at On-site Hydrogen Fueling Station 

Similar to hydrogen production plant, GA-370 monitors the concentration of CO, CO2, CH4 among the impurities generated in the hydrogen production equipment, at on-site hydrogen fueling station. Grasping these concentrations are significant because those would deteriorate the fuel cell of vehicles.  

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