Non-Exhaust Emissions Measurement

Non-Exhaust Emissions

Brake Dust Measurement

The airborne breathable portion of Brake Dust particulate contains nanoparticles. These particles are smaller than 10 μm, some are even as small as 2.5 μm, and suspected to have a negative impact on human health when inhaled. Paired with more vehicles on the road, more vehicle miles traveled, and population density concerns (particularly in urban areas) — regulatory bodies are taking notice. Similar concerns also exist for particulates created by tire wear.  

In Europe, the informal working group of the Particulate Measurement Program (PMP) received a mandate to investigate the topic of Brake Dust. Two task forces within the PMP group are now working on the development of a commonly agreed method for sampling and measuring brake wear particulates. The California Air Resource Board (CARB) also has an ongoing investigation into particulate standards. 

HORIBA provides a complete solution to help OEM and brake system suppliers prepare for possible regulations, leveraging our emissions analysis and brake testing expertise. 

HORIBA offers a range of brake dynamometer test systems. These are robust, compact brake inertia test systems that enable brake system performance, NVH, and brake dust analysis. In line with the growing appetite for Brake Dust measurement, Particulate measurement can now be performed by measuring particle mass by means of gravimetric filtration, or the solid particles can be counted for particulate in the range of 10nm to 2.5um. Elemental analysis is also available to analyze chemical composition.

A solution is only as good as the automation that connects it. STARS Brake Test Automation software helps set up tests, evaluate data, and generates customizable reports. 

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