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Solutions to Reduce Vehicle Development Complexity

Intelligent Lab for Vehicle Development

Intelligent Lab helps to solve intricate automotive and system manufacturing challenges in vehicle development via a suite of customizable measurement instruments. These instruments are built on the legacy and foundation of HORIBA's key attributes: accuracyreliability, and repeatability.

HORIBA Automotive dynamometer in test cell.

Electric vehicle performing a road-to-rig replication test on a chassis dynamometer within a test cell at the HORIBA Automotive.

Unquestionably, good quality data is vital to an efficient development process. Therefore, robust data makes results more trustworthy and allows design solutions to be validated with confidence.

The tools within Intelligent Lab refine the high-quality data produced from our measurement devices and dynamometers. Efficient simulation is made possible through the creation of Empirical Digital Twins. Accurate real-world testing can then be performed in the lab using our patented Road-to-Rig and Torque Matching solutions.

Moreover, engineers can solve complex design issues with the help of automated data analysis and emulation of complex systems.

Using road test data to serve as a baseline for laboratory simulation. This allows non-conformities to be highlighted via a digital twin of a real complex system, such as hybrid powertrain. Another example is, validating calibration changes to solve a quality issue found in the field.

Develop Smarter and Operate Better

HORIBA Automotive Intelligent Lab offers smarter development solutions to accelerate & virtualize vehicle development.

Intelligent Lab helps customers maximize their laboratory-based development capabilities. Users can then prioritize high-value development work, and push lower-value test work to be digitalized or automated. 

Traditional automation tools such as STARS Automation focus on automating processes aligned with regulations and historical best practice.

However, Intelligent Lab, questions traditional approaches and uses the latest automotive measurement technology together with new technologies such as, machine learning to help develop smarter. This tool set offers more effective ways to explore and solve challenges. In brief, this is what we mean by enhancing development performance and "developing smarter".

Intelligent Lab Ensures Smarter Vehicle Development

Intelligent Lab solution for vehicle development diagram

Intelligent Lab solutions turn test labs into connected development environments and feed simulation with empirical scenarios and digital twin models.

The Intelligent Lab toolset enhances, and in some cases - redefines laboratory-based workflows. It allows existing laboratory equipment to be combined with advanced technologies as part of a user-friendly software.       

  • Reduce cost
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Develop smarter
  • Digitize processes
  • Reduce testing
  • Use fewer prototypes
  • Share across data departments


Intelligent Lab helps users accelerate their system, product, and vehicle development workflows.

Road-to-Rig: Torque Matching

Our patented RTR torque matching technique uses a novel approach for replicating and emulating real-world conditions in the laboratory.

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STARS VETS - Emissions Testing Application Software


STARS VETS is a Vehicle Emission Test System application available with the STARS Automation platform for chassis, engine and powertrain dynamometers.

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The ADS EVO automates the driver in a chassis vehicle test cell and enables test repeatability.


The ADS EVO automates the driver in a chassis vehicle test cell and enables test repeatability. Hence, ensuring accurate and repeatable global test cycles on chassis dynamometers.

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