DYNAS3 HS - high speed
DYNAS3 HS - Asynchronous Dynamometers

High Speed Series - AC Dynamometer

The latest generation of DYNAS3 HS asynchronous dynamometers are designed for high speeds of up to 20,000 rpm and the high starting torques of electric motors. Delivering a rated power of up to 210 kW, the DYNAS3 HS series covers a wide range of testing options.

A frequency drive with an installed DC power supply (optional) is a further enhancement of the whole system, providing the specimen with a voltage of up to 700 VDC. In addition, a stand-alone version of the DC power supply provides voltages up to the limits of the medium-voltage range (available on request).


Сегмент: Automotive
Подразделение: Mechatronics
Производитель: HORIBA Europe GmbH
Base product: DYNAS3
  • Designed to cover a wide range of test specimens
  • Maximum speed up to 20,000 rpm
  • High acceleration rate due to low-inertia
  • Solution with constant power of 210 kW up to 16,000 rpm
  • Compact motor design with radial fan and water cooling
  • Torque flange mounted on specimen side of bearing support for highest torque measurement accuracy
  • Bearing support allows attachment of higher coupling masses
DYNAS3HS 150HS 180HS 210
Rated Power (absorbing) [kW]147178211
Rated Speed (absorbing) [rpm]6,2193,9614,433
Rated Torque (absorbing) [Nm]226429455
Rated Power (driving) [kW]140169200
Rated Speed (driving) [rpm]6,0813,8394,327
Rated Torque (driving) [Nm]220420441
Overload Factor (absorbing)
Maximum Speed nmax [rpm]20,00016,00016,000
Power AT nmax (absorbing) [kW]8281211
Moment of Inertia, Machine Without Attachements [kgm2]
Max. Speed Gradient up to Rated Speed incl. Overload [rpm/s]19,92126,62820,980

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