Analysis Anywhere

Renowned specialists in the design and manufacture of automated in vitro diagnostic systems for haematology for over 25 years, with solutions for clinical chemistry for over 10 years, HORIBA ABX is now known as HORIBA Medical. From compact point of care (POC) to high throughput systems, HORIBA Medical has successfully developed an array of analysers and data management solutions to meet all needs, enabling analysis anywhere it is required.

In the front line of medical analysis

Recent Government initiatives have focused on promoting the value of POC testing in order to best meet the needs of patients by reducing turnaround times to ensure the most appropriate patient treatment is adopted in a timely manner. Consequently, with the advent of smaller haematology and clinical chemistry analysers, POC teams in particular are rushing to take advantage. HORIBA Medical systems can be found in many areas of POC including integrated primary healthcare centres, A&E, outpatient clinics, and hospital wards. The underlying technologies of these POC systems are all based on HORIBA Medical’s high throughput analysers, therefore, ensuring complete consistency with all laboratory test results.

Specialist bench top testing

In addition to large NHS laboratories and POC settings, HORIBA Medical systems are also found in many areas of industry requiring specialist testing, including sports science, food and beverage, pharma and neutraceuticals, and clinical research. The company’s benchtop analysers, such as the ABX Pentra 60 C+ for haematology and ABX Pentra 400 for chemistry analysis, are proving their worth in these environments due to their exceptional flexibility and ease of use.

Trusted expertise

In the UK, the foundation of HORIBA Medical is built around an excellent support network. The dedicated sales, service and technical teams strive to ensure customers can work as smoothly and efficiently as possible, whatever their location. The scientific expertise within these teams provides customers with an educational and reference resource, and even assists in research and evaluation projects. Aspects of these services include on-site installation and refresher training support, advice on optimal use of instrumentation, as well as practical support for new applications. In addition, with its experienced Managed Service Contract (MSC) partner, Genmed Capital Management, HORIBA Medical can also provide customers with an MSC framework capable of “future proofing” the provision of analytical services.

Key indicators

  • Over 1,100 employees
  • 4 production centers (Japan, China, France, Brazil)
  • 2 R&D centers (Japan, France)
  • Around 100 distributors
  • 13 local/direct operations
  • Around 30,000 laboratories supplied worldwide