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Are you interested in pursuing a career with us? HORIBA Medical places people at the heart of our activities. Find our Human Resource management philosophy and apply for an available post!

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Our philosophy

Place people at the heart of our processes

As a subsidiary of a large Japanese group, we have managed to remain a human-sized company.

Combining dynamism with the excellence of high technology, we create and develop innovative products that stand out for their level of quality, reliability and user-friendliness. Our ambition is to remain the privileged partner of our customers. Because we share the same level of standards, the same desire for innovation, the same vision of what tomorrow's health will be like.

Our people are our strength. That is why skills development, employee empowerment and performance recognition are our priorities.

Together, we are preparing for the future.

Our values

Meeting challenges with confidence and enthusiasm to prepare the health of tomorrow

Nos valeurs_HORIBA Medical_FR

The values of the HORIBA Group summarize the mission assigned to all of its employees: to bring enthusiasm and energy into their work for a better quality of life. 

"Open and Fair"
"Venture Spirit"
"Power and Speed"
"Joy and Fun"

What does a Horibarian look like? It is a woman or a man, driven by the same ambition, the same desire to surpass, the same pleasure of succeeding together.

Our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Thus, a Horibarian knows how to take individual initiatives while maintaining a strong team spirit. Because it is together that we will meet our challenges.

The Human Resources Department supports each Horibarian, an actor in their professional development.

Would you be ready to take up our challenges?

Our engagements

Our commitment to diversity and professional equality

Notre engagement mixité égalité professionnelle_HORIBA Medical_FR

Equal treatment and non-discrimination are the real foundations of HORIBA Medical's social management policy. Our collective success depends on the diversity of our teams, both in terms of gender and age as well as social, ethnic or cultural origins, as sources of complementarity, balance, cohesion and efficiency, and of which the good -being at work is essential to the long-term performance of the Company.

In 2021, HORIBA Medical signed with its social partners its 5th three-year agreement on gender equality in the workplace. The company obtains a score of 90/100 for its 2023 index on professional equality between women and men (in accordance with the French law “Professional Future” of September 5, 2018).


This index breaks down as follows:

  • pay gap indicator: 35/40
  • individual increase rate deviation indicator: 20/20
  • promotion rate gap indicator: 15/15
  • indicator increase on return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • employee indicator of the under-represented sex among the ten highest paid: 5/10


Within HORIBA Medical, the difference is an asset!

Our jobs

Expertise and multidisciplinarity

Nos métiers_HORIBA Medical_FR

We are first and foremost an industry where the two main production sites (assembly of automatic devices and packaging of reagents) are located at our head office in Montpellier.

Specialized in hematological and biochemical analysis, our organization includes a wide variety of technical (mechanical, electronic, fluidics, optics, IT, etc.) and scientific professions.

This diversity leads us to recruit both expert profiles and more general profiles (integration of all associated technologies).

The main jobs on the site are:

  • International marketing,
  • Research and Development: mechanical and electronic design, software development and testing, research for reagents, testing and integration of technologies ...,
  • Production systems, reagent production ...,
  • Support services for production units (systems and reagents): engineering, purchasing, supplies, scheduling, logistics, etc.
  • Sales network of distributors, international technical support, international ADV, training center ...,
  • Support services: quality and regulatory affairs, finance, information systems, general services, legal affairs, communication, documentation, human resources ...


Your talents are our wealth!

Join us

Are you ready to take up our challenges?

If you want to join our Group to share our know-how and our enthusiasm, you can either apply spontaneously or position yourself on a position currently to be filled (CV and cover letter are required).



Partnership with schools

Integration of work-study contracts and hosting of interns

We are committed to helping train young people for professional life. Beyond the pool of skills formed in the culture and processes of the company, we consider the integration of work-study contracts as a learning enterprise process.

Likewise, each year we welcome interns whose missions allow them to validate an educational course and finalize a professional project. Interns are guaranteed to benefit from a bonus policy based on the duration of the internship and to be supervised by a professional tutor, expert in their field.