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|   Press Release

The Clinical Chemistry market is constantly evolving; adapting to it is permanent requirement. The Pentra 400 range continues to develop with one clear objective: "above all, maintain the number of Pentra 400 sales". More evolution than revolution, changes in Pentra 400 have become necessary in this competitive market.

Ten years after its launch, the analyzer needs to stand out from the system first produced a decade ago. It has constantly evolved since its launch and has been "brought up to date". Today, the Pentra C400 boasts a letter, C, for Chemistry, and both "slight" and "significant" changes. The Clinical Chemistry Product Manager, Lionel Serph, has "refreshed" the Pentra 400 to maintain its number of sales: "The core of the system has stayed the same, but it needed some development", stated the specialist.

Thus, the changes will affect certain cosmetic and design aspects; some features will be added and in particular, meticulous work on the sampling needle of the analyser, which has already been achieved. Especially, after ten years of loyal service, maintaining the recognized product reliability was prerequisite. A product that carries out "85% of the Clinical Chemistry business is a priority device", noted Lionel Serph.

From a technical point of view, it will take a year before the production line passes definitively from one product to another. Six months later, "all documents are ready", confirmed Lionel Serph. Some machines are already on the market. The business purpose of this development must enable the Pentra C400 to maintain its success in its category "before extending the range of existing products with new machines".

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