Organic pollutant monitor

Long-term stable and high-precision measurements are achieved through our unique rotary cell length modulation method.

An organic pollutant monitor that applies HORIBA's proven and proprietary rotary cell length modulation method which has been developed over many years.  Suitable for use in monitoring organic pollutants at discharge points under the Total Pollutant Load Control System (TPLCS), organic matter measurement at water intake points for monitoring water quality, and monitoring organic substances in process lines (such as phenol meters).


Division: Process Water
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Having a wide range, capable of use with high-concentration waste water and low concentration water as well as effluent water after treatment.

A single unit can cover a wide range from low to high concentrations.

Implementing a unique cell rotation mechanism that is not affected by contaminated samples

By performing zero-point checks through cell rotation to account for contamination effects from water quality, zero-point drift is eliminated.

Implementing a unique wiper method

Cell cleaning is continuously performed with a wiper, without interrupting the optical measurement path.  Therefore, there are no indication errors due to cell contamination and no indication difference before and after cleaning in the intermittent cleaning method.

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