Monitoring of SO2 for Flue Gas Desulfurization

Flue gas desulfurization system purifies exhaust gases emitted from thermal power plants, iron and steel plants, and others by removing sulfur dioxide (SO2). Types of flue gas desulfurization system include the wet and dry types; today, the wet type is often used. The SO2 concentration is measured at its inlet and outlet to monitor the performance. Such exhaust gases contain much moisture and the gas temperatures are low from the system, which raises concerns about moisture interference and corrosion for the SO2 monitoring.


  • Unstable measurement due to moisture interference
  • The sampling system comprised of probes and the system main body becomes corroded by acids due to the high moisture concentration level and low temperatures of exhaust gases.

HORIBA's Stack Gas Monitoring System realizes More Stable Measurement

HORIBA's stack gas monitoring system achieves more stable measurement than conventional systems due to the adoption of a unique cross-flow modulation technique and an interference correction type detector. We also contribute to solving customers' issue by pursuing better maintainability under difficult measurement conditions by proposing sampling systems according to exhaust gas conditions such as changing the probe material and adding an SO3 scrubber.


  • Unique measurement method (cross-flow modulation technique, interference correction detector)
  • Proposal of sampling system suitable for severe conditions
  • Adoption of a moisture removal system (three-stage dehumidification) that reduces SO2 solubility
  • Simultaneous measurement of oxygen (O2); stable measurement is possible even in high moisture conditions thanks to a unique techniqu (magneto-pneumatic system).

Case Study

SO2 Monitoring of Stack Gas Desulfurization Facility Entrance

SO2 Monitoring of Stack Gas Desulfurization Facility Entrance

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