Quantitative analysis of carbon and sulfur in tires

To accurately and quickly measure the amount of carbon and sulfur contained in the material.

Customer needs

There are vulcanization processes that include crosslinking reactions by adding sulfur into raw materials (raw rubber, etc.) to increase elasticity. In this process, a carbon/sulfur analyzer is used to accurately control the amount of sulfur added. In addition, steel cords are used as reinforcement for tires. In research and development or quality control of steel cords, carbon concentrations need to be measured to control the mechanical strength.

Solved by EMIA-Pro series!

Carbon & Sulfur concentration can be accurately measured: both steel cords and the nonconductive rubber with one unit!

 Sample weight [g]Sulfer [mass%]
Vulcanized Rubber: Granular sample A0.05741.23
Vulcanized Rubber: Granular sample B
*Depends on the homogeneity of the sample.
 Sample weight [g]Carbon [mass%]
Steel Cord: Sample A0.11230.888

Customer feedback

Sulfur in granular rubber can be measured accurately and quickly in a wide concentration range. EMIA is also active for use in inspection lines and research and development applications. Although rubber is nonconductive, EMIA can measure independent of the conductivity of the sample because of the combustion method, satisfying the customer.

Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer: EMIA-Pro Series


  • Accurate analysis with easy operations.
  • World’s fastest cycle time (70 seconds) for much more efficient analysis.
  • Improved cleaning performance for significantly greater stability and reproducibility.
  • Optional auto sampler unit can be used.

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Reference Customers

  • Rubber company
  • Tire company

Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer (Entry Model)

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