Duetta Education Labs

Duetta Education Labs

The Duetta™ spectrofluorometer is an optimal instrument for teaching fluorescence spectroscopy to undergraduate students. It’s a fast 3-in-1 spectrofluorometer that combines, simultaneously, the functions of fluorescence and absorbance spectrometers while collecting fluorescence EEMs with one measurement.

With its high speed, built-in CCD detector, the Duetta can acquire a full spectrum, from 250 nm to 1,100 nm in less than one second, making it the fastest fluorescence spectrometer on the market. It also automatically corrects for the Inner Filter Effect (IFE) on the fly.

It further lets you measure lower concentrations of a sample and provides better-quality data.

Here are five experiments that can be performed on the Duetta and give students valuable hands-on experience in fluorescence measurements. These experiments are excerpted from the book, Practical Fluorescence Spectroscopy, 1st Edition by Zygmunt (Karol), Gryczynski, Ignacy.

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Reproduced from Practical Fluorescence Spectroscopy, 1st Edition by Zygmunt (Karol), Gryczynski; Ignacy, Gryczynski, published by CRC Press. Reproduced by arrangement with Taylor & Francis Group.

To learn more, you can purchase Practical Fluorescence Spectroscopy, 1st Edition by Zygmunt (Karol), Gryczynski; Ignacy, Gryczynski ISBN:9781032337371 from the Taylor & Francis Group.

Case Studies and Publications

Read publications and case studies that show Duetta in action and follow along in your own labs.

An Oily Endeavor: Teaching Excitation–Emission Matrix Using the Fluorescence Fingerprints of Olive Oils
Tianruo Shen, Davin Tan*, Jia Fang Rachel Lee, Eng Ying Bong, and Xiaogang Liu*





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