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Fluorescence Applications Tutorial

Presented by Karen E. Steege Gall, PhD, HORIBA Instruments

This webinar will be an introduction to the theory and basic instrumentation, methods, and applications of fluorescence spectroscopy. The goal is to present researchers who are using fluorescence, or plan to use fluorescence spectroscopy in their research, with a basic understanding of how fluorescence spectra and time-resolved fluorescence decays can report on physical properties on a molecular scale. Molecules that are fluorescent can be sensitive to other molecules around it and hence be used to report properties such as temperature, viscosity, distance, energy transfer, polarity, ion concentration, pH, aggregation, and much more. Fluorescence excitation-emission matrices are widely becoming useful for applications such as water quality and food science. Time-resolved fluorescence adds another level of sensitivity and information about fluorescence dynamics, energy transfer, component analysis, size, and other molecular interactions. This webinar will be a high-level overview of the methods used and instruments employed for each technique.

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