Nobel Laureate Connections

The pinnacle of peer recognition for leaders in various fields is the awarding of a Nobel Prize. Nobel Laureates include Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Jonas Salk, Ernest Hemingway, and Nelson Mandella. The list is the best of the best.

Receiving a Nobel Prize is the ultimate acknowledgment of excellence across diverse fields. Among the distinguished Nobel Laureates are luminaries truly representing the epitome of human achievement.

Interestingly, many Nobel Laureates in various fields of science have used HORIBA fluorometers in their research. Some even used them in the body of research that resulted in their being awarded a Nobel Prize.

It’s a remarkable achievement. The HORIBA FluoroMax family of fluorometers, known for its flexibility, speed, and sensitivity, has made its mark in groundbreaking research.

Here we acknowledge the magnificent accomplishments of these scientists and highlight the instrumentation that helped drive their recognition.

Nobel Prize Laureates

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