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Sample Analysis by Application Experts

HORIBA has a long-standing commitment to complimentary sample analysis towards the evaluation of a particle size, particle shape, surface area, or zeta potential analyzer. Each submission is measured by a highly-trained member of the Applications Lab and presented as a formal lab report complete with method, observations, results, and data interpretation assistance.

Please use the contact form below to request a sample submission form.

Commitment to Application Expertise

HORIBA’s experienced staff of technical and applications specialists support users in 54 offices across 45 countries We are committed to the satisfaction of our users and to the education of the greater industry and provide many channels of support including:

  • Sample analysis via the many Applications Lab around the world Free software updates
  • Webinars, Technical notes, and much more in the Download Center
  • Instant support via phone, e-mail, and online meeting
  • On-site and in-house user training courses
  • Service contracts, verifications, and validations to fit every requirement
  • Advanced software tools to correlate data from other particle size analyzers to maintain historic specifications


HORIBA supports particle characterization applications in 54 offices in 45 countries

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