Mixed Gas Generators MU Series (MU-2200)

Mixed Gas Generators MU Series

The mixed gas generator MU Series integrates with high-performance mass flow controllers to generate a homogenous gas mixture of two or more types of gases. Using the control unit’s touch panel you can control both flow rate, and the concentration of the mixed gas.
The gas generators can be used for industrial purposes, such as generating combustion gases supplied to burners, as well as laboratory use in the biotechnology and food markets. HORIBA produces gas mixers tailored to customers’ intended uses, such as models with a purge function capable of mixing reactive gases.

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.
  1. Any mixed gas can be generated through a simple operation:
    • Mixed gases can be generated in accurate concentrations by the flow-rate ratio mixing method
    • Mixed gases can be generated simply by entering the concentration and flow rate of the gas to generate via the touch panel
    • A special built-in mixture block can evenly mix gases with two or more components.
  2. A wide variety of mixed gases can be generated:
    • A mass flow controller can be selected according to the intended use. HORIBA provides models tailored for each customer’s intended uses i.e. to generate a mixture with a corrosive gas, or a mixed gas with a large flow rate
      -  General-use model: equipped with a mass flow controller with rubber sealing
      -  Model for missing corrosive gases: equipped with a mass flow controller with metal sealing
      -  Highly precise model: equipped with a digitally-controlled mass flow controller, etc.
  3. HORIBA will provide a mixed gas generator tailored to your intended use.
    • HORIBA provides mixed gas generators tailored to various needs, including models for generating mixed gases with three or more components as well as models that can be loaded onto 19-inch racks.

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Test Gas Generation in Research and Testing Laboratories
Test Gas Generation in Research and Testing Laboratories

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