For more than 55 years the name HORIBA has been synonymous with high quality analyzers and systems. Exceptional results in the Automotive engine emissions measurement and environmental monitoring are internationally recognized, as well as the excellent performance of our instruments. Making the right solutions for industry has enabled HORIBA to grow into its leading role. HORIBA‘s drive for innovation and performance is underlined by the fact that 800 engineers are employed in the R&D departments around the world.

HORIBA develops and manufactures products and systems for testing of all types of engines: heavy-duty to small utility, onroad systems to non-road, marine to locomotive, automotive to aeronautic. Our extensive product line includes analyzers, analytical systems, dilution/ sampling systems, dynamometers and automation systems to assist engineers to evaluate and advance: exhaust gas and particulate emissions, engine performance, fuel economy, fuelcell reformer efficiency, other parameters of engine and vehicle.