Worldwide, high-speed transport is getting more important. Only through continued improvement and expansion of braking systems, will suppliers all around the world provide a solid foundation for safe traffic. HORIBA has been successfully making brake test stands for more than 90 years.


Inertia Brake Dynamometers for the passenger car mass market segment. From performance testing to sophisticated NVH investigations, this brake test systems forms the future backbone of HORIBA’s actual portfolio of inertia brake dynamometers.

For motorcycle, car, van, truck, railway and aircraft applications HORIBA builds solutions based on a proven and high level of technology, to satisfy all of your current and future testing requirements. Drum brakes, disk brakes, lamella brakes, hydraulic actuation, pneumatic actuation and mechanical parking brakes are tested all around the world with HORIBA brake testing systems.

STARS is an integrated automation, data acquisition, and control system platform that provides a broad range of functionality in a single, powerful environment. STARS Brake is designed to address a wide range of brake testing applications from friction selection, performance test, and NVH investigation of car brakes. It offers users a level of flexibility and openness that is unmatched in the market.

The following list of options show the variety of additional supplements to the GIANT series.