Group IV Semiconductors

Group IV elements (Si, Ge) have been historically used in the semiconductor industry, especially in the manufacture of planar and, more recently, three-dimensional (3D) structures (FinFET, Nanosheet FET, Gate-all-Around FET). Manufacturing processes are becoming more and more complex, and such complexity drives an evolution in characterization providing extensive information about material properties (stress measurements, crystallinity, phase extraction) allowing process stabilization at the R&D stage.

Raman characterization of Si and SiGe-based semiconductors

Application: 2D/3D transistors, photovoltaics

Materials: Si, Ge, SiGe

  • Average stress and composition measurements (intentional and residual)
  • Phase identification (crystalline, micro-crystalline, amorphous)
  • Crystallographic defects detection

Raman image of a silicon chip with crystalline, poly and amorphous silicon region

Stress distribution map derived from Raman data of a strained silicon layer on SiGe; Representative Raman spectrum

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