Spectrometer and Monochromator FAQs

» What is a spectrometer?

» What is a monochromator?

» What is a spectrograph?

» What is a spectrograph used for?

» What is the difference between spectrograph and spectrometer?

» What does a monochromator do in a spectrophotometer?

» How do you choose a Monochromator/ Spectrograph?

» How do Monochromator System Optics work?

» What is Bandpass and Resolution?

» What is Order, Resolution, and Dispersion?

» What is Spectrometer Throughput and Etendue?

» What is Optical Signal to Noise Ratio and Stray Light?

» How do you choose Entrance Optics?

» What is Magnification and Flux Density in a spectrometer?

» What is a gratings calculator?

» What is a Fastie-Ebert instrument?

» What is a Czerny-Turner (CZ) monochromator?

» What are Czerny-Turner/Fastie-Ebert PGS Aberrations?

» What are Concave Aberration Corrected Holographic Gratings?

» How do you calculate Alpha and Beta in a Monochromator Configuration?

Frequently asked questions about fluorescence

Frequently asked questions about fluorescence


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