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Integration of Quantum Dots with SPRi for Enhanced Sensitivity

Presented by Dr. Marinella G. Sandros, Business Development Manager for Life Sciences, SPRi Product Manager, Adjunct Assistant Professor (UNCG)

Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) is a label free surface–sensitive optical detection method for biomolecular interactions in real time with high throughput. Serum biomarkers for neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer are often in low abundance in bodily fluids presenting many challenges for their detection. The availability of an ultrasensitive detection platform that can profile multiple biomarkers simultaneously is a potentially powerful method for the diagnosis of diseases and monitoring of subsequent therapeutic treatments. In the present work, a technology platform is introduced that integrates SPRi with nanomaterials and microwave-assisted surface functionalization. This unique combination and integration makes it possible for the SPRi biosensor to detect a wide range of biomarkers from large proteins to small molecules at ultrasensitive level. The preliminary results are encouraging and show promise in extending the platform to detect an array of biomarkers in complex biological fluids. Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding how to develop a SPRi based Nanoaptasensor for the detection of diagnostic biomarkers in serum.
  2. Understanding the critical factors that control the enhancement of the SPRi signal.
  3. Recognizing the potential of the SPRi platform to provide means for the detection of the early onset of a disease prior to the appearance of clinical symptoms.
  4. Learning how the SPRi platform provides flexibility to scientists to engineer a wide range of assays for the detection of various analytes at real time.


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