To study the P-LCC variation and impact on symptomatic relief in patients with thrombocytopenia

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Dr. Neeraj Jain, Jain Diagnostic Lab, Delhi, Shubham Rastogi, Nititn Nayyar, HORIBA India


The clinical utility of platelet indices provides scope for further research of various unutilized platelet indices like the (MPV), (PCT), (PDW), (P-LCR) etc. which offer valuable information about platelets. Many of the indices are not reported due to the lack of knowledge about their availability in most laboratories or due to lack of clinical utility thus missing out on crucial and easily available information. P-LCC is one of them.

P-LCR, P-LCC, PDW (Platelet Distribution Width) and MPV (Mean Platelet Volume) are indicators of platelet activation. We have tried to study role of P-LCC parameter which is affordable to the general population in this study.


To study P-LCC variation and impact on symptomatic relief in patients with thrombocytopenia.

Materials & methods

All the patients undergone blood test serially in the laboratory and found thrombocytopenic were analyzed for the results of report generated by Yumizen H500, an affordable 6 part hematology analyzer by HORIBA. Patients tested for minimum 3 times for platelets on single admission to the hospital were included. Laboratory records were meticulously screened and reviewed under the experts guidance. Reports for all were retrieved and Platelet & P-LCC data analysed scientifically for the given objective.

System parameters analyzed:
Platelet count

Sample reports examination:
Total samples: 56, Included samples: 42, Excluded: 14 samples (just 2 runs)

Sample wise analysis of each report done and following trends have been observed:
10 patients (23.80% samples) were recorded 3 serial counts and found that every time P-LCC count improved patient found responding to therapy with improved symptomatic relief. Eleven patients (26.10% samples) were recorded 4 serial counts and similar observations. 7 patients (16.66% samples) were recorded 5 serial counts and 7 patients (16.66% samples) were recorded 6 serial counts and found that whenever P-LCC count shown variation, condition of the patient also responded accordingly i.e. increased count shown improvement but decreased count along with the platelet shown deterioration of symptoms. Also, 6 patients (14.28% samples) were recorded 7 or more serial counts and found with same trend and directly proportional variation with platelet.

Case reports

Case reports


Overall, it may be concluded that P-LCC also be used as indicator of recovery in patients with thrombocytopenia. Along with platelet, P-LCC may also be used by the doctors to ascertain the positive prognosis and take decisions on the further follow up of the treatment. However, further research is needed for the same.

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