CP20 Series

OEM miniature spectrograph

The CP20 miniature spectrograph is available with a choice of solid state array detectors. Designed for OEM applications, it will fit into small, hand-held, portable instruments or can take the place of larger spectrometers where space is at a premium.

Segment: Scientific
Produktionsfirma: HORIBA Scientific
  • Designed for OEM applications, It will fit into a small , hand-held, portable instrument, or can take the place of larger spectrographs when space is at a premium.
  • The CP-20 is designed around an aberration– corrected type IV concave holographic grating with a 20mm focal length and a f/2,7 aperture.
  • The optical input is a SMA connector with an integrated slit


  • Flat field grating Focal length : 20 mm
  • Spectral range : from 380 to 760 nm
  • Aperture : f/2,7
  • Resolution: 5 nm with a slit of 50ìm width
  • Dispersion : 100 nm/mm
  • Input : SMA 905 connector
  • A/D: 14 bit
  • PC interface: USB and RS232 (call for Ethernet)
  • Linear sensor arrays: Hamamatsu photodiode array (PDA) -  CMOS 128 or 256 pixels -S8377-128 / S8378-256
  • Spectral window: 380-760 nm
  • Pixel: 25 x 500 & 50 x 500 mic
  • Linear dynamic range*: 2500:1 (S/N)
  • Low cost photodiode arrays
  • CMOS 128 pixels
  • Spectral window: 350-900 nm
  • Pixel: 55.5 x 63.5 mic
  • S/N: 300:1 (at full dynamic)
  • Dimensions: An amazing 50 x 50 x 50mm! Perfect OEM module for HAND-HELD instruments.




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