Apprendre la morphologie des cellules sanguines

HORIBA Medical supports learning and accreditation in hematology. Here we offer some educational tools which help clinical laboratory staff or students update their skills in blood cell morphology.  

On-Demand Webinar


An Introduction to Morphology

This on-demand webinar aims to help students and inexperienced staff members develop their confidence and improve blood film morphology by providing a simple means of training and assessing staff competencies.



QSP Newsletter

The Quality Slide Program (QSP) Newsletter offers detailed morphology case studies, disease focuses, morphology tips, slide reviews, and quizzes. Available to download and subscribe on our web page.

Cytology Atlas

Hematovision HORIBA Medical frontend image


A simple aid to the observation of blood cells - such as white blood cells, red blood cells, plateletes and other cells - which can circulate in the perpheral blood and in the bone marrow in normal condition or in certaion pathological cases. 




Get our Hematopoiesis poster which illustrated a chart of cell development! A free copy suitable for your laboratory is available for download on our web.



Morphological abnormalities of red blood cells

HORIBA Medical have produced a poster of morphological abnormalities of red blood cells. A free copy suitable for your laboratory is available for download on our web.

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