HORIBA hemostasis


Analyseurs d'hémostase

HORIBA Medical provides a new comprehensive range of hemostasis reagents and systems, the Yumizen G range. Hemostasis is the natural process by which a clot forms to prevent bleeding and block the vascular breach. It ensures the fluidity of the blood and the integrity of the blood vessels. Blood disorders can lead to bleeding or blood clots. These new range allows screening and assessment of bleeding disorders, monitoring of anticoagulation therapy.

HORIBA Medical’s Hemostasis Guide

This Hemostasis Guide aims to introduce hemostasis principles and is made for students, laboratory staff, trainee medics and anyone else who has an interest in hemostasis and thrombosis. Covering the principle tests carried out in hemostasis laboratories, it also contains relevant and useful information that reinforces quality and safety criteria applicable to this area. We hope this guide can serve as reference for health practitioners who order, collect, perform, or interpret hemostasis tests and who administer hemostasis therapy.


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