GIANT 6000 Series

GIANT 6200 - NVH Testing
GIANT 6000 - Brake Dynamometer
GIANT 6x00 - Brake Dynamometers

Multi-Purpose Brake Dynamometers

The GIANT 6x00 product line is a multi-purpose, full-size inertia brake dynamometer for performance and NVH tests of brake systems from passenger vehicles to truck brakes, commercial vehicle assemblies and high-speed railway applications. The GIANT 6x00 product line offers a complete range of test functions for fully automated performance tests and basic NVH investigations and can be designed to fit the requirements of our customers.

All GIANT 6x00 Dynamometers are completely designed and manufactured in the Darmstadt, Germany factory.

Segment: Automotive
Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

Disk and drum brakes, the corresponding components and complete axles can be tested and exposed to the same conditions which are produced during vehicle operation. The SPARC Brake controller is integrated into the STARS Brake Automation System, providing accurate inertia simulation and precise test results, which can be analyzed with the click of a button.

  • Plug and play concept: our dynamometers are completely commissioned and sent to the customer as a fully functional system
  • Machine frame resting on special vibration insulators (no seismic concrete foundation required)
  • Flywheel set combined with electrical inertia for a wide range of kinetic energy simulation
  • HORIBA designed brake actuator for precise brake pressure control


Product Variants

VariantGIANT 6200GIANT 6500GIANT 6600GIANT 6800
Vehicle Type
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Light- and medium-duty vehicles
  • Light-, medium- and heavy duty commercial vehicles
  • From heavy-duty commercial vehicles to railway applications
  • High speed railway applications
Test Samples and Assemblies
  • Drum brakes
  • Disc and calipers
  • Knuckle fixtures
  • MacPherson strut
  • Complete axles structures
  • Wheel load simulations
  • Hydraulic brake actuation
  • From disc and drum brake systems to complete axle and wheel assemblies
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic brake actuation
  • From disc and drum brake systems to complete axle and wheel assemblies
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic brake actuation
  • Disc/pad and wheel/ brake block assemblies
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic brake actuation

GIANT 6200*

GIANT 6500

GIANT 6600

GIANT 6800

Power [kW]180320345575
Speed Range [rpm]0 - 2,8000 - 1,2000 - 1,2000 - 2,750
Max. Drag Brake Torque [Nm]2,1505,0008,2005,500
Stop Brake Torque Range [Nm]0 - 8,0000 - 30,0000 - 35,0000 - 30,000
Mechanical Inertia [kgm²]20 + 20 + 40 + 80150 + 200 + 400 + 800300 + 300 + 600 + 1,200380 + 250 + 500 + 1,000
Electrical Inertia Simulation Range [kgm²]5 - 24050 - 2,400100 - 3,000200 - 4,000
Max. Hydraulic Pressure [bar]200**200**200**200**

Max. Hydraulic Pressure Gradient
(Dependent on Test Speciman) [bar/s]

Max. Pneumatic Pressure [bar]-161615
Pneumatic Pressure Gradient [bar/s]-303030

*Basic (also High Inertia or High Speed available)         **can be upgraded to max. 250 bar


Brake Dust Measurement
Brake Dust Measurement
A series of legislative measures has significantly reduced the amount of emissions that is being emitted by internal combustion engines of light and medium-duty vehicles.

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