The motorcycle industry requires mobility solutions with a range of attributes from extremely cost effective to manufacture and own, to those engineered to operate at the pinnacle of performance. In many developing markets, motorcycles are a necessity to enable population mobility. They perform a wide range of domestic tasks and are subject to significant abuse while operating in challenging environmental conditions. In more mature markets, particularly in the urban environment, a motorcycle is more than a means of efficient transportation. It is a lifestyle choice for someone looking to explore the open road.  

Performance, reliability, and emissions remain key concerns when considering traditional powertrain solutions used in these applications. HORIBA‚Äôs equipment has allowed its customers to engineer confidence in the solutions they develop. 

With increasing restrictions on air quality and emissions, there is a continued interest in electrification in all forms of mobility. This is redefining what is possible in the world of design with some solutions offering significant potential for fuel economy, emissions, or performance improvement. Maximizing the benefits of these technologies in two and three wheel designs requires manufacturers and developers to optimize energy use, at every level, while ensuring reliability. 

HORIBA has over 75 years of expertise supporting its customers in the development and refinement of propulsion systems. It will continue to support the motorcycle industry as it shifts, over time, from a sole dependence on internal combustion engines to one with an increasingly complex mix of hybridized and electrified systems. HORIBA offers a breadth of solutions to enable its customers to deliver both physical and virtual powertrain validation activities on a variety of powertrain configurations. These include battery and fuel cell technologies, as well as the expertise for safe integration into any type of vehicle architecture for performance optimization. HORIBA is here to help.  



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