Automated Fingerprint/Palm print and Biometric Identification stand-alone desktop PC Systems are an affordable alternative to state based systems, offering the same powerful tools found on state systems at a fraction of the cost and in many cases increased accuracy.

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Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification - AFIS & APIS Systems

Product Description


A stand-alone desktop PC System allows a department to get full control over their own database, their own processes. The department can maintain a higher quality of cards entered into the database. The department can submit any latent it wishes, for search.

The department can assign priorities to their searches based on the priorities of their casework and get immediate results. Process even poor quality latents which the State AFIS often refuses. Review as many or as few candidates as you wish.

A stand-alone desktop PC System is exceptionally useful for a department that routinely gets results from the State AFIS system that indicate the suspect is someone arrested by the same department before. In cases like this having its own stand-alone desktop PC System allows the department to save tremendous amounts of time between the investigation of a crime scene and the identification of a suspect. Indeed, a stand-alone desktop PC System also allows latent to latent hits, essentially linking crimes committed. 

A stand-alone desktop PC System also allows a department to identify aliases faster, searching ten print cards of arrestees against the database and getting results immediately.

A stand-alone desktop PC System helps a department train its staff regarding the latent process providing better understanding of latent print collection.

A stand-alone desktop PC System provides Palmprint capability. Most State AFIS systems still do not have palm capability. And if they do, many are unstable and unreliable. In some cases, collecting Palm cards at the time of the Ten Print card and searching Palm latents can solve 25% to 35% more cases.

PrintQuest - proving the worth of a “Local” AFIS/APIS system.

PrintQuest is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful tools for solving crimes that an agency can possess. A proven low cost AFIS-APIS solution, PrintQuest is capable of importing and processing fingerprint and palmprint images from live scan devices, digital cameras, and scanners along with remote networked workstations. PrintQuest is offered as a complete system allowing an agency to construct and manage a local database of known fingerprints and palm prints and use this database for automated searching of latent fingerprints and latent palm prints.

During a search, PrintQuest compares prints using 3 parameters; The minutiae points themselves, whether the point in question is a bifurcation or an end point; The relationship of each individual point to its neighbors in space (both direction and distance); And most importantly, the skeleton or ridge flow of the print. This is what provides exceptional results. While most systems only search and compare the minutiae points of prints; PrintQuest includes the skeleton in the actual search process.

PrintQuest features High Accuracy Auto-Extraction of centers, deltas, patterns, as well as minutiae points for unsurpassed user time savings on entry of prints. In PrintQuest, it is not necessary to place minutiae points on any ten print image. Auto-extraction allows PrintQuest to be useful by both the novice and expert alike.

PrintQuest can work with palms just as easily as it does with fingers. Indeed, of the published statistics a large portion of the identifications are of palms. Working with palms in PrintQuest is easy, fast, effective and highly accurate. The entire palm is searched every time, quickly and efficiently. PrintQuest requires LESS work for the user, and saves time.

PrintQuest AFIS is an expandable AFIS solution. The system is modular; as an agency grows; the system grows with it, keeping up with the needs of the agency. PrintQuest can be configured on a single Personal Computer with a database as small as 3,000 Ten Print Cards and be configured on a dedicated, rack mounted server with a database that numbers in the Millions of Ten Print and Palm Cards.

All PrintQuest systems arrive as a complete package including Dell computer hardware, a flat bed scanner for 500/1000 DPI, laser printer, CDRW/DVD combo drives, APC-UPS, LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Installation and training is included. Pre-loading of existing paper cards is also available.

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