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Standard Microscope Spectroscopy Solutions

Standard Microscope Spectroscopy Systems
Multitask Your Microscope

Add Spectroscopy to ANY Microscope

Get a fully turnkey system that works out of the box or a simple upgrade to your existing microscope.

Multitask Your Microscope with microspectroscopy

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in fluorescence and Raman instrumentation and other spectroscopy solutions, is proud to introduce its new Standard Microscope Spectroscopy (SMS) systems

With its unique set of accessories, the SMS family of systems enable any standard microscope to be fitted with a spectrometer and a detector, thereby offering the ability to perform techniques such as Raman, steady state and time-resolved Photoluminescence, Reflectance/Transmittance, Electroluminescence, Photocurrent and Dark Field Scattering. The SMS platform brings unprecedented flexibility and modularity to performing spectroscopy on standard microscope systems, all without compromising the imaging functionality of the microscope.

The concept driving these systems is the ability to either leverage an existing standard microscope, or create a fully turnkey system that performs the microscopy function, and adds one or more spectroscopies as a complementary technique.  Multitask your microscopeâ„¢ is the theme behind these Standard Microscope Spectroscopy (SMS) systems.

Microspectroscopy Your Way!



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