Science in Action

Welcome to Science in Action. Our new series showcasing how our technologies, scientists, design and software engineers, and solutions are applied to real-world situations. From drilling thousands of feet below the icy surface of Antarctica to exploring concepts of life on other planets, our stories will stimulate your imagination and open new possibilities in your own scientific endeavors.

Benjamin de Jourdan
The Fight to Protect the Oceans and Marine Life
Benjamin de Jourdan is on a mission – to protect economically important marine species from oil spills and other toxins. He uses a HORIBA Aqualog spectrofluorometer to characterize the spills and formulate mitigation strategies.
Prof Fiona Lyng
Detecting early signs of cancer with Raman microscopy
Unveiling the secrets of cancer's early whispers: join Professor Fiona Lyng on a journey of Raman microscopy to detect precancerous signs before it's too late.
Using fluorescence spectroscopy to develop novel light-emitting materials
It’s never been more crucial to discover efficient and stable light-emitting compounds that can curtail energy consumption. See what one researcher from the UK is doing.
Alternative Light Sources and forensic creativity identify suspects in armed robberies
Alternative light sources are valuable tools for identifying critical evidence in crimes. This one is unusual.
Investigators develop photographic evidence of domestic assault using alternative light sources
Alternate light sources have proven effective at displaying domestic assault markings that ordinary white light photography doesn’t capture.
A giant leap in fuel cell engineering
Read about Associate Professor Takashi Sasabe at the Tokyo Institute of Technology who is developing fuel cell systems with higher efficiencies.
Developing in-situ, online monitoring tools for radioactive materials using fluorescence spectroscopy
Making radioactive isotopes requires precision to preserve valuable resources and maximize quality. See how fluorescence spectroscopy plays a role.

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