Calibration & Measurement

  • Place the sensor at least 3 cm in the standard solution.
  • The measurable pH range differs depending on the type and structure of the ion selective electrode. The pH range is generally smaller when the concentration of the ions to be measured is lower. If the pH of the sample solution has exceeded the measurable pH range, accurate measurement may not be possible.
  • The temperatures of sample solution and standard solution shall be kept at 50ºC or less. Exceeding 50ºC may cause electrode deterioration.
  • Use with the plug facing up and the membrane facing down.
  • Make sure the membrane has no dirt or air bubbles on it.
  • The ions which interfere the measurement of the concentration of the ions to be measured are called “interfering ion”. Therefore, when using the ion electrode method, it is important to know the effects of coexistent ions and take measures to avoid them.
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