Operational Precautions

  • Do not give an excessive shock to the sensor cartridge
  • Cracked or chapped sensor cartridge cannot be used. Replace such sensor catridge with a new one.
  • Immerse the sensor up to the sensor body under the nut.
  • Use with the plug facing up and the membrane facing down as shown in the figure.
  • The pH range is generally smaller when the concentration of the ions to be measured is lower. If the pH of the sample solution has exceeded the measurable pH range, accurate measurement may not be possible.
  • Do not allow the liquid junction to dry out. If liquid junction is dry, measurement value may drift.
  • Do not use (store) the sensor cartridge in any place where the operating temperature (storage temperature) is out of the specified range.
  • Do not strongly place ion selective membrane against hard surface. Do not poke ion selective membrane with sharp object.
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