Introducing New Particle Size Analyzer (LA-950V2)

|   Press Release

HORIBA, Ltd. has developed a new particle size distribution analyzer, model LA-950V2, which uses a laser beam to analyze particle size. The new model will be introduced to the market on August 29, 2007. 
In addition to the high-performance of the conventional model (LA-950), the new model can combine four custom specifications (*1) and eight accessories (*2) to suitably accommodate various measurement conditions and sample forms, thereby flexibly meeting a variety of customer needs. 
This new model being our globally competitive product, we will launch a strategy to expand our Japanese market share from the present 30% to 50% by 2010, and nearly double the present global market share to 30% by 2010. 

HORIBA has been marketing particle size analyzers in the global market for more than a quarter century. We put the world's highest performance model, the LA-950, on the world market in 2004 and currently enjoy a market share of nearly 13% in the world and nearly 30% in Japan. The LA-950 can analyze particle sizes from 10 nm to 3 mm, or in a particle size range of 300,000 times the smallest measurable size, at a high accuracy of ±0.6%, within one minute. Thanks to such high performance, this analyzer will yield high-accuracy measurement data in the fields of quality control and R&D. 

Meanwhile, customers must measure samples (particulate materials) having a variety of forms and properties - finely pulverized solids, granular liquid, breakable materials, sticky materials, soluble materials, foggy materials, materials that sink quickly in liquid etc. These customers have asked us to develop particle size analyzers that are best suited to the form and properties of each sample. 

To meet such customer requests to the extent possible, HORIBA incorporated into the LA-950V2 four custom pretreatment specifications (five specifications including standard type) and eight pretreatment accessories that can be attached/detached to/from the equipment body. 

The optimal combination of these specifications and accessories to a specific application enables correct and fast analysis of the particle size of particulate material heretofore difficult to analyze. 

As described above, the new model can comprise analyzer body and accessory optimal for the particular form and properties of a powder or other material to be measured, including deodorant sprays, which are winning a big market, and such slurry materials as gelatos. Designating this new model a globally strategic product, HORIBA will promote sales not only in Japan, but also in rapidly growing China, the US, Europe and other countries. 

  • Advantages of LA-950V2
    1) High-speed analysis of particle sizes over the widest size range (10 nm - 3 mm) in the industry 
    Equipped with the same supersensitive two-wavelength optical system as the LA950, a HORIBA original technology, the LA-950V2 has the widest measurable size range in the industry. It is also equipped with a circulation system driven by a high-power pump, thereby achieving the shortest analysis time in the industry.
    2) Accessory mounted on the analyzer body can easily be replaced without tools.
    This model is easy to use even in research laboratories where various samples are measured.
    3) The required measurement accuracy is assured by using seven monodisperse particles and four polydisperse particles. 
  • Application Areas and Example Uses
    Ceramics: R&D of fine ceramic powder, shipping/receiving inspection ofmaterials
    Chemical industry: Performance improvement, R&D of synthesis method, quality control for plastics, pigments, adhesives, polymers and other materials
    Medicines and cosmetics: R&D for formulation, granulation, pulverization, coating, and other processes and product quality control
    Catalysts and battery materials: R&D of new materials, improvement of product performance and product quality control
    Semiconductor materials: Production control of semiconductor wafer abrasive compounds, development of new sealants and product management
    Foodstuffs and beverages: Control of taste, feel on the tongue, and best-before date
  • Principal Specifications
    Measurement method: Laser diffraction/scattering type
    Measurable grain size range: 0.01 - 3,000 µm
    Measurement time: Approx. 1 min (total of carrier fluid injection, circulation system cleaning and particle size distribution indication)
    Outside dimensions: 705 (W) x 565 (D) x 500 (H) mm