HORIBA's next-generation infrared gas analysis technology IRLAMTM*

Our New Measurement Technology

In 2021, HORIBA succeeded in developing a new and proprietary method of Infrared Laser Absorption Modulation (IRLAM™) *¹ and putting it into practical use.

IRLAM enables real-time measurement of gases that were difficult to measure with conventional infrared gas analysis technology, due to insufficient sensitivity and interference effects (effects of coexisting gases other than the gas to be measured).

IRLAM is an evolution of the infrared gas analysis technology that HORIBA has refined over the years, and positions this technology, which can achieve High Sensitivity, Low Interference, Compact size, and High Reliability, as a new core analysis technology for HORIBA.


The features of IRLAM are realized by three of HORIBA's proprietary technologies: Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL), Herriott Cell, and the Concentration Calculation Algorithm.

  • Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL): Our original laser source device which has been specifically designed for gas measurement, with improved environmental performance.
  • Herriott Cell: A compact gas cell of our own development that achieves optimal optical path length and small size for various applications.
  • Concentration Calculation Algorithm: HORIBA’s unique calculation algorithm that extracts features from gas absorption signals to achieve low interference and high sensitivity with high speed.

This website provides an easy-to-understand introduction of the principles and features of this new core analytical technology that will become the standard for the next generation gas analysis.

*1: IRLAMTM is a registered trademark or trademark of HORIBA, Ltd. in Japan and other countries.
*2: A laser light source other than QCL could be used depending on the type of component gases to be measured and the conditions of use.

Optical Hardware

The optical hardware used in IRLAM is developed, designed and manufactured in-house by HORIBA.

Concentration Calculation

The unique concentration calculation method uses "feature values" that dramatically reduces the amount of computation.

Application Fields

Gas analyzers equipped with IRLAM are expected to play an active role in various fields due to their high performance.

IRLAM Developer’s Column 1 - The thoughts behind the logo

The IRLAM logo was designed to resemble the three lights and multiple reflections of laser light in a Herriott Cell. The three lights represent the three proprietary technologies that support the high performance: QCL, Herriott Cell and Concentration Calculation Algorithm, and the multiple reflections illustrate the multiple features of IRLAM: High Sensitivity, Low Interference, Compact Size and High Reliability.

This logo will be attached as an emblem to various HORIBA gas analyzers equipped with IRLAM technology, proving that they are gas analysis instruments that realize the unparalleled performance.


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