Facility & Asset Management Software

Today’s test facilities face unprecedented challenges as modern regulations introduce difficult testing procedures that demand additional time and resources.

At the same time, lab managers must enhance productivity and reduce cost. Gaining as much efficiency as possible is the only way to meet this complex mix of requirements. To do this, lab managers need acute awareness of their facility’s status, and their equipment must be consistently serviced and maintained.

One important way to increase a lab manager’s control over his test facility is with facility and asset management software.

Insight Facility & Asset Management software is designed to help lab managers optimize the performance of their test cells.

It elevates situational awareness and ensures all connected equipment maintains a strong state of health and operates in compliance with necessary legislative standards and regulations.

Insight provides peace of mind and confidence, ensuring the validity of test results and eliminating the need for test reruns.

Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.
Base product: STARS

Essential information is presented in a clear, accessible format to quickly check the state of connected equipment.

Intuitive displays show current device status, alarms, and internal device channels. Both live and logged data are accessible to compile failure analysis, pattern recognition, and utilization statistics compilation. The software also centralizes quality check results and reports, granting authorized personnel secure, straightforward information for further analysis or audit preparation.

Plan more effectively and avoid invalid tests and unexpected downtime by organizing tasks and deadlines into work packages. The software also continuously tracks task progress, duration, and outcomes for unparalleled control and visibility.


  • IoT framework and future-proof scalability
    • Allows connecting a variety of devices and systems from HORIBA and 3rd party suppliers in a standard and secure manner.
    • Its adaptable architecture enables the incorporation of industry standard interfaces as needed.


Reduce losses due to invalid tests and unplanned downtime

 Reduces financial losses due to wasted test time and resources.

 The system ensures that the utilized equipment complies with the required standards and indicates any foreseeable complications.

 Minimizes the possibility of equipment breakdown by tracking run-time limits and service intervals.

 Lab managers can schedule preventative maintenance more accurately, minimizing the chance of failure and extending the equipment’s lifetime.

Turns continuous measurements into insightful information empowering lab managers to make crucial decisions concerning daily operations and future investments.


Included applications and services to enhance the management and flow of data

 Insight Manager

The Insight Manager facilitates UI-based customization of the Insight product features and the configuration of the IoT device infrastructure. It serves as a versatile tool for altering product configurations, organizing device structures, and managing the IoT gateway infrastructure, thereby enhancing user interaction and system adaptability.

 Insight Hub

The Insight Hub acts as the central UI for browsing and accessing all features for each individual device, with access organized in customizable device hierarchies. The Hub offers structured access to all asset-centric information and data, including live status, recordings, statistics, and quality assurance activities, streamlining the user experience, and enhancing the efficiency of device management and oversight.

 Data Fabriq Service

The Data Fabriq manages n-dimensional connections of chronologically generated datasets.

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