scil Vet abc


The scil Vet abc is simple to operate and produces a complete three part differential blood count in only 90 seconds. When the measurement is started, 12 µl of EDTA whole blood are automatically aspirated - no sample preparation is necessary. The results are automatically transferred to your practice software program.

The operator-friendly reagent pack concept renders daily maintenance procedures unnecessary. The proven impedance technology delivers absolutely reliable results in healthy animals as well as of course in sick ones.


Get the result in only three steps

The scil Vet abc is simple to operate. Measurement is started by pushing one button and the results are automatically transferred to your practice software after 90 seconds.

Step 1: Read in the Smart Card

Reading in the Smart Card provides the device with the settings of the animal species corresponding to the sample. scil Vet abc Smart Cards are available for 11 different animal species.

Step 2: Aspiration of the sample

Push one button and the scil Vet abc fully automated aspirates 12 µl of EDTA whole blood. Complex and time-consuming sample preparation is not necessary.

Step 3: Printout of results

The results of the three part differential blood count are printed out automatically or transferred on request directly to your practice software program within 90 seconds.



Animal Species and Parameter

The scil Vet abc analyzes blood from 11 different animal species. There is a special Smart Card for each animal species, which holds both the relevant analytical settings and the reference values.

The scil Vet abc requires only 12 µl of whole blood to perform a blood count including the following parameters: erythrocytes, thrombocytes, total leucocytes, haemoglobin and erythrocyte indices. Additionally, a three part differential blood count with differentiation of the leucocytes into lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes is done for the animal species dog, cat, horse, rabbit and ferret. The so-called EOS flag is an indicator for raised eosinophils in the blood sample.

Blood samples from the following animal species can be analyzed with the scil Vet abc:


Standard: dog, cat and horse

The Smart Cards for dog, cat and horse samples are included in the standard equipment of the scil Vet abc. scil Vet abc performs both a blood count and a three part differential blood count for these species.

Companion animals: rabbit and ferret

Rabbits are the most frequently presented pets in small animal practices. The number of ferrets being held as pets is steadily increasing. Using the scil Vet abc, you can perform three part differential blood counts right in your practice, rapidly and reliably, for these two species as well.

Farm animals: cattle, pig and sheep

The scil Vet abc can also be used in large animal practices. It also performs the blood count from samples of cattle, pigs and sheep.

Laboratory animals: mouse, rat and monkey

We offer a special service for the use of the system to test laboratory animals. The settings on the Smart Cards are adapted to the specific physiology of the animal strain used.

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Measurement principles


dog, cat horse, rat, pig, cow, rabbit, sheep, mouse, monkey, ferret


Leukocytes, Erythrocytes, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RDW, MCV, MCH, MCHC, MPV, Thrombocytes

Additional parameters

Dog, cat, horse & ferret: 

Lymphocytes % and #, Monocytes % and #, Granulocytes % and #, Eosinophils %

3 histograms: Leukocytes, Erythrocytes and Thrombocytes

Sample Volume

12 µL EDTA blood

Sample Time

90 seconds


Electrical impedance & spectrophotometry


Data processing

Data storage

Memory-card (optional)


Laser printer 

Data interface

Serial, RS 232


Technical Data

Power requirements

100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz


330 x 360 x 440 mm


31 lbs. / appr. 14 Kg

Produkty pokrewne

Vet abc Plus+

18 parameters

Results on 3 histograms: Leucocytes, Erythrocytes & Thrombocytes