• Reference: SPRi3
  • Dates:

    • March 12-15, 2018
    • September 10-13, 2018

  • Who should attend: XelPleX or OpenPlex users People wishing to acquire an XelPleX or an OpenPlex
    For this training the attendees should be from the same team
  • Duration: 4 days (From 9 am to 5:30pm)
  • Learn how to optimize experimental conditions in function of interactions to analyze
  • Learn how to spot the biochip with the spotter defined by the user
  • Master the use of the SPRi system, defined beforehand by the user
  • Learn how to analyze data

Day 1

  • Which biochip to choose according to the molecules to immobilize?
  • How to optimize spotting (concentrations, buffers, reference, ...)?
  • The important experimental parameters to be tested for SPRi (pH, running buffer, temperature,...)
  • Advice to be applied during the experiment (duration of kinetics, flow rate, regeneration, ...)
  • Establishment of an experimental protocol

Day 2

  • Choose suitable surface chemistry for immobilized ligands
  • Perform spotting based on the previously defined protocol
  • Advice about the maintenance of the instrument

Day 3

  • Carry out the SPRi experiment as described in the protocol
  • Master the use of the chosen SPRi device (XelPleX or OpenPleX)

Day 4

  • Reminder on interaction kinetics
  • Software use
  • Data analysis