X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers [XRF]

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive elemental analytical technique to identify what elements are contained and to determine how much concentration of the elements are contained in a material based on the fluorescence X-ray signals emitted from a material.

Among XRF analyzers, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzers are more suitable for screening analysis on a wide variety of sample applications thanks to its non-destructive approach, multiple element detection, less sample preparation, and shorter measurement time.

HORIBA has a long history of X-ray technologies since 1956 and we have continuously developed XRF analyzers with energy dispersive method. HORIBA XRF analyzers have widely been used in various fields: fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, pharmaceutical, and other industrial fields to detect foreign matter and develop new materials, as well as astrogeology, archaeology, forensics, and other research fields to perform non-destructive analyses on precious samples.

Micro Analyzers/Imaging Analyzers


X-ray Analytical Microscope (Micro-XRF)


X-ray Analytical Microscope
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X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer


X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer


The Hayabusa2 asteroid explorer and HORIBA

Read about HORIBA’s contributions to the exploration and analysis of the Ryugu asteroid.

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Application: Non-destructive Failure Analysis on Electronic Components Using the XGT-9000

μ-XRF is a non-destructive analytical technique which can inspect defects, even non-visible ones, inside a sample because of the high penetration of X-rays. This application note introduces failure analysis to detect ion migration, voids, and foreign matter on electronics using the XGT-9000, with key features of the vertical irradiation of a 10 μm probe and the simultaneous imaging of fluorescent X-rays and transmission X-rays.

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Application: Spectroscopic Analysis Explains the Mystery of Dragonfly Eye Beads

Spectroscopic analysis can reveal the origin of cultural heritages and the historical background at the time. This application note introduces research of a dragonfly eye bead found in a tomb in China. Using Raman spectroscopy and X-ray analytical microscopy, the bead was found to be from the Eastern Mediterranean region and the result suggested China had cultural and economic exchanges with them during that era.

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Application Corner

The unique features and high performance of the XGT series has opened up the micro-XRF technique to a wide and varied range of applications where fast and accurate elemental analysis can solve problems and shed light on the complexities of nature.


HORIBA are experts in X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) micro-analysis, and can propose high performance solutions for spatially resolved XRF analysis with analysis spot sizes as low as 10 µm.

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Experience our vast collection of resources for X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers. Our materials include case studies, videos, webinars, profiles, and eBooks to give you a better understanding of the latest technology and its applications in real-world situations.

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