Leak Detection from the Cooling Pipe of Blast Furnace

Amid the ongoing integration of blast furnaces, it is necessary to maintain their high utilization rates. Cooling water pipes are placed around a stave cooler to cool a blast furnace, and the breakage of such pipes will damage the entire blast furnace, which may affect iron quality and lead to a furnace shutdown.


  • Want to detect any cooling pipe breakage.
  • Want to monitor multiple locations at a reasonable cost.
  • Want to determine whether a gas is one that is mixed in the air or one that is leaking from a blast furnace.
  • Want to perform remote detection in addition to onsite visual detection.

HORIBA's Bubble Level Sensor Enables Early Detection and Recovery of Breakage


  • Leakage can be monitored at a reasonable cost by using Bubble Level Sensor.
  • The lightweight resin detector (1 kg) can be installed easily.
  • Onsite visual monitoring from a transparent window and remote monitoring using built-in switching signals are possible.
  • The sensor has shut-off cock to distinguish gas types.
  • The double shut-off cock reduce careless mistakes during periodic checking work.

Case Studies

Bubble Detection in the Blast Furnace

Bubble Detection in the Blast Furnace

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