C60 and C70 Optical Constants Study by Ellipsometry

C60 (a) and C70 (b) fullerenes.

A fullerene is any molecule composed of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, an ellipsoid, a tube or other various shapes. Spherical fullerenes are also called buckyballs, and they resemble the balls used in football.

This study has shown the ability to determine optical constants of C60 and C70 thin films over a range of 0.6-6.5 eV, by using spectroscopic ellipsometry. Once the raw ellipsometric data, Is and Ic, are collected, a simple inversion of the data to determine the pseudo dielectric function leads to valuable information to aid in building a suitable model for analysis of the ellipsometric data.

In this case, the pseudo dielectric function provided starting energy values for the absorption peaks seen in both C60 and C70 thin films, and this allowed for the use of a dispersion consisting of a summation of Tauc-Lorentz oscillators. Also, ellipsometry analysis allowed for the determination of thickness of the C60 and C70 thin films, as well as a band gap value for each.

Moreover, as the HORIBA Scientific UVISEL 2 phase modulated spectroscopic ellipsometer has no moving parts during acquisition, the collection of backside reflections due to the glass substrate has been included and taken into account in the model using a special feature of the HORIBA Scientific DeltaPsi2 software.

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