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UV-Vis Fluorescence

Fluorescence is a phenomenon exhibited by certain semiconductor materials, where they absorb light of a specific wavelength and re-emit it at a longer wavelength. This process occurs when the electrons of the atoms or molecules within the material absorb energy from the incident light and transition to higher energy levels. These excited electrons then rapidly return to their original state, releasing the excess energy as light.

Fluorescence spectroscopy is an optical technique that has very high sensitivity, specificity, and is non-invasiveness, making it a valuable tool for studying a wide range of materials and phenomena including the following.

  • Bandgap
  • Defect/contamination analysis
  • Life-time measurement
  • Carrier Dynamics
  • Upconversion
  • PhotoQuantum Yield (PLQY)

HORIBA is the world leader in fluorescence instrumentation and offers the widest range of steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectrometers and microscope-based solutions.  Our broad lines of fluorescence instrumentation extend from compact benchtop fluorescence spectrometers to high end modular research solutions.

Excitation Range200 nm to upper limit of emission detectorDUV to NIR
Emission Range250-800 nm185-900 nm (optional to 5500 nm)
ModeSteady-stateSteady-state or time-resolved
Lifetime RangeNA5 ps to seconds


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