Sludge Level Detector SL-200B

Easy-to-understand display of sedimentation status in color images. Supports automation of sludge removal operations.

Sludge Level Detector SL-200B measures the sludge level accurately using ultrasonic reflectometry, and supports more efficient operations, such as remote control and automation.The display section displays the sedimentation state visually and easily understandable using a color graph display. It contributes to sludge removal work.


Division: Process Water
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

- A color liquid crystal is used to provide an easy-to-see display (the status of the inside of the tank can be grasped).

- There is no danger of getting entangled in the rake because it is measured by the fixed installation sensor without contacting the interface.

- Measurement distance can be measured from 0.4 to 10m.

- Since both transimitter and sensor have no drive section and do not disturb the interface, stable measurement can be performed for a long period of time.

- Stable interface measurement is achieved by unique arithmetic processing.

- The sensor is equipped with a clean nozzle (water wash) and a mounting pipe as standard.

- Data saving + backup function is provided.

- The data can be transferred to a PC using the optional communication software.

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